What Is Home Automation

We live in a time unlike any other. With so many technological advancements at our fingertips, our lives are made easier and our homes are more tech-savvy than ever.

1. What Is Home Automation

Home automation technology installation allows you to control activity and appliances within your household. It is essentially a network that integrates everyday devices with one another via the Internet and allows you to control all your devices and features from your smartphone even when you are away. You may visit an appliance store to find appliances that can be programmed or connected to your home automation system.

Home automation systems offer a variety of functions.

2. Benefits of Automating Your Home

Streamlining how your home functions has many benefits.

Remote access

Control your home from mobile devices, including your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Increased comfort

Use home automation to make your home a more comfortable, livable space. Preprogram your thermostat with your preferred settings so that your home is always at a comfortable temperature, set up smart speakers to play music when you get home from work, or adjust your lights to soften or brighten based on the time of day.


A home automation system can program devices to turn on automatically at certain times. It allows you to access their settings remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection so you can simply adjust the thermostat from the convenience of your office a few hours before heading home, saving you time and increasing the comfort of your home. Not only that, but you will also save energy and therefore money from your monthly Eversource CT utility bill.

Energy efficiency

Home automation allows you to be more mindful of your energy usage. You will be able to additionally save on energy bills by reducing the length of time that lights stay on, making them turn off automatically and lowering temperatures when you leave a room.


Detectors for fire or carbon monoxide help protect your home from disaster. You can always check if you left the oven on which is why automation helps increase the safety and security of your home. Thanks to automated locks, you no longer need to a spare key and you can change who you give access to.

Trained officers from a security company offer a physical visual deterrent from crime. The presence of even one officer will dramatically reduce the rates of crime and prevent the likelihood of an assailant inflicting harm. When security personnel catch someone causing trouble on your property, they can intercept and stop the perpetrator immediately.

3. Best home automation systems

The rise in technology means there are more options than ever when it comes to creating a smart home. With this technology, all you need to make your home smarter is your voice or a mobile app. At the heart of every smart home is the ‘hub’ which is a centralized device that controls all of your smart home products. Here are five automation systems at a glance as the choice of the system will dictate the smart products you’ll be getting.

The Amazon Echo

Using Amazon’s proprietary Alexa voice-powered technology, you can do pretty much anything from listening to music, making calls, setting up alerts, asking questions you need answers, or even request weather and traffic reports. Whichever Echo type you use, it should be compatible to most smart peripheral devices. The best part is that connecting them is as easy as saying “Alexa, find my devices.”

Google your smart home with Google Nest Hub

Another common system that uses Google Assistant to perform tasks using voice commands, but works mainly as a visual interface. Where the Google Nest Hub really excels is through its integration with Google Services.

Samsung’s effort to get smart with Samsung Smart Things

Operated through a mobile app, The Samsung SmartThings hub plays well with most third-party smart devices, though it doesn’t have so many connectivity options as some. Although Samsung is known to be good with hardware, it has yet to establish its software reputation but if you find the app restricting, you can always set-up voice commands by connecting with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The smart Apple – Apple HomeKit

Even Apple’s home automation system works with Apple devices by using an iOS or macOS app to remotely control a whole range of smart devices around the home, either through a clock or Siri voice command. Although Apple HomeKit now supports a wide range of different smart peripherals, it still suffers from usability issues. But, there are a few nice configuration settings specifically for rooms and zones so the whole smart experience can feel more customized compared to others.

Takeaway – A smart home is an automated home. In short, if you are remodeling your whole home, making your home smarter through automation will help you save precious time, boost your productivity, save money and it will make your life better.

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