• 12 DIY Projects That Prove Everything Deserves A Second Chance

    These upcycling projects are just to DIY for. We committed to using earth-conscious materials and other recyclables in our posts, and with these crafty projects, you’ll be able to give a second chance to your old favorite items, too! 1. Make a simple statement with a couple of copper hangers. Courtesy of Poppy Talk / […]

  • Important Heating System Maintenance And Repair Tips

    Most homeowners simply take the cooling and heating systems in their homes for granted. Everything changes when the unit fails or when it does not work as it should. Any unit is great to maintain perfect ambient temperature during chilly months but when you do not properly take care of the unit, huge problems can […]

  • DIY Paper Flower Craft Ideas For Mother’s Day

    Whether you’re trying to come up with a creative gift idea for your mother or a DIY project that you and your child can do together, crafting paper flowers is the perfect idea. They won’t wilt, they don’t have to be tended to like real flowers, and they can be any color under the sun […]

  • New Home: Making your kitchen reflect your style for less

    Moving in to a new home is supposed to be one of the most exciting, self-fulfilling things you can do. It can however, become quite expensive when it comes to putting your own stamp on the décor. There are plenty of ways in which you can make the current rooms reflect your style in a […]

  • Classic Bedrooms: How to Use a Neutral Colour Palette in Exciting Ways

    Summary: In this modern world, where people’s choices reflect their taste and preferences, the choice of your home décor becomes essentially important, especially in the case of modern bedrooms. This is because your bedroom is your personal space and your choice of colour, décor, interiors reflect the kind of personality you have. Here’s how you […]

  • kitchens

    How Custom Kitchens in Oakville Are Reaching New Extremes

    From banking barons to real estate tycoons, the Toronto suburb of Oakville has become somewhat of a posh playground for Canada’s elite. Driving along Oakville’s waterfront is quite the treat! Majestic mansions with manicured gardens are a common sight on the neighbourhood’s tree-lined streets. The price tags on some of these fancy digs are enough […]

  • contractor

    So You Want To Be A Contractor

    Saying that you want to be a contractor is probably one of the most vague, general statements you could make about a career. By definition, a contractor works on a project by project basis from a contract. A independent contractor provides services to a company, who is doing work for a homeowner or business or […]

  • windows

    Proper Temporary Fixes for Broken Windows

    Being a little handy around the home is useful at times when the repairman you trust isn’t readily available, or when trouble occurs outside working hours. The instructions below should address the majority of issues you might experience with windows in your home. Cosmetic Scratches Can Be Repaired For surface only damage, you won’t need […]

  • How to Keep Your Home Clean: Tips for Busy Moms

    When you go “Meh… tell me about it” when the discussion deviates to the most dreaded topic “Household Chores”, it is a clear indication that you have had it all. As a working mom, the first thing you want off your hands is the hardship of house cleaning. If you are stepping into your home […]