• Tin Interiors Bring Vintage Style from Backsplashes to Wallpaper

    It all started with the rediscovery of pressed tin ceilings in old homes. Over a hundred years ago the most elegant homes and business establishments featured ceilings of tinwork. It was long lasting, didn’t rust or stain, and gave a look of simply elegance to the most basic building unit. Today the pressed tin ceiling […]

  • Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

    Whether you’re buying a new home, remodeling, or opening a new business location, interior design is something that you will need to think about. Hiring a professional interior designer can have a significant impact on the success of your project. Interior designers contribute expert knowledge to the design process that can help you turn an […]

  • Ways to Make Your Home Maintenance Chores Easier

    A home is the most expensive thing that most homeowners ever buy. For a typical homeowner, buying a home means spending a huge chunk of his or her lifetime earnings. That’s unnerving — especially when we remember that homes don’t necessarily stand forever. But you can do a lot to protect your space and preserve […]

  • The State of Your Seattle Sewer

    Seattle is a unique city known for its coffee, its technology, and, frankly, its dreariness. It’s a rainy, dark place for much of the year, although the sun does come out for parts of spring and summer. The locals are mostly used to the weather, and some take pride in sticking it out through every […]

  • Choosing the Best Door for Your Business

    Whether they open it, close it, or simply walk through it, all visitors engage with your doorway in some capacity. Choosing the right door for your business is important, and there are several factors to consider when selecting your door.   Visual appeal   A door’s appearance can influence a customer’s impression. Studies show that […]

  • Maximizing Space and Accessibility with Mezzanines

    Whether you’re looking to maximize storage space at your residence or home, or whether you need to create temporary or long-term access to buildings or equipment, mezzanines can be an affordable and efficient way of meeting your needs. What mezzanines are Buildings have floors. In some cases, an area that serves as a floor between […]

  • 6 Basement Remodel Ideas that Will Make You Love Your Home

    When it comes to remodeling or creating a new space, the basement is where renovation dreams come true. Many homeowners who have an unfinished or outdated basement are unsure where to start their DIY basement remodel project. From lighting to family room space, it can feel overwhelming. Not anymore, check out these six basement remodel […]

  • 3 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

    Most plumbing issues are caused by the disposal of items that are deemed biodegradable down drains or through the toilet. Although most items that say they are flushable or biodegradable break down overtime, they don’t break down right away and can cause your drains to get clogged. If the items make it past your drains, […]

  • What to Do with Your Stuff During a Huge Remodeling Project

    A huge remodeling project is usually quite structurally invasive, so there are health and safety issues to consider. In older homes you have the potential for lead dust and other harmful contaminants. If you have children, particularly those under 6 years of age, do not stay in the house during the project. Completely removing your […]

  • Moving 101: Managing Your Stuff After An All-Day Move

    Moving from one location to another will require time from you. With the number of tasks needed whenever moving, you’ll likely need a few months to successfully complete a move. You’ll need time to look for reliable movers on for hire, purchase packing supplies for your valuables and keep track all of these during moving […]